­ KRONOTEX AQUA ROBUSTO — ламинат Дуб Камелот P 1201

The natural product is particularly suitable for children and pets who are in frequent contact with the laminate flooring. It can easily forgive a mishap or two.
Laminate flooring should usually be cleaned with a damp cloth. The AQUA PEARL System floors can easily be cleaned with a damp mop and steam cleaner (household appliance).
Liquids and standing water should be absorbed within 24 hours (according to NALFA surface swell test approved for 24 h). Suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Not suitable for outdoor areas, rooms with permanently high moisture load, e.g., shower cubicles, saunas and rooms with floor drains.

Программа поставки

Толщина Длина Ширина Панелей в коробке м² в коробке Коробок на поддоне м² на поддоне
12 1380 191 5 1,318 56 73,808
  • Beanspruchungsklasse 33
  • AC 5
  • Структура
  • Быстрая укладка
  • V4 – паз по периметру
  • антистатический

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