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Общий допуск строительного надзора - - DIBt (Немецкий институт строительной техники)

KRONOTEX laminate flooring predominantly consists of a renewable raw material: wood from sustainably managed forests.

Laminate floors are ideal for children’s bedrooms, as they don’t contain any plasticisers (phthalates). The German consumer magazine Ökotest even explicitly recommends them.

HERRINGBONE flooring is covered by an additional warranty lasting 30 years (for private use) or five years (for commercial use).

Because laminate is installed without nailing or gluing (as floating floors), no adhesive residues result.

Innovative embossing processes are used to give the surfaces of modern KRONOTEX laminate floors authentic-looking wood grain and stone structures.

Laminate flooring doesn’t contain any diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and therefore can’t cause any changes in hormone levels.

At the end of the product lifecycle, laminate flooring can be unproblematically disposed of or burnt as fuel.

KRONOTEX uses the scrap resulting from the production of laminate flooring as fuel.

KRONOTEX Laminate Flooring - Qualität Made in Germany

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